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Trial Tips and Advice

The beginning of the year is always the busiest when it comes to bookings for the up and coming wedding season. It’s is also the time when most brides will book in for their trial.

Having their Hair and Makeup done can feel quite daunting to some brides, that’s why a trial prior to your big day is so important . Not only is it time to find your perfect Hair and Makeup look, it is also time to meet and get to know your artist - at the end of the day they are going to be a big part of your wedding morning!

A big piece of advice that I give my brides is to be open with regards to the styles you try, the look that you think you want isn’t always the one that you will settle for.

As much as I love Pinterest to collate ideas, bare in mind the images on their can be heavily edited, especially when it comes to makeup. Your artist can create a look similar but it’s hard to exactly replicate a style that you haven’t originally created.

Use your trial to discuss aspects of your hair and skin care routine that may help leading up to your wedding day. The secret to amazing makeup always starts with good skin care! It maybe that you decide to add some extra products to ensure your skin is at its best or your hair may benefit from a cut to sit perfectly around your face.

Try to have your trial at a time that you can leave your chosen hair and makeup style for a few hours to see how it wares. Makeup, especially can sit perfectly for a couple of hours but some products may need to be tweaked to ensure your look stays flawless into the evening on your big day!

Finaly, please always be honest! If you don’t like something, don’t feel bad to say! This is your chance to make sure you are 100% happy and I am more than happy to make any changes throughout your trial and even leading up to your wedding day.

Enjoy the experience, it’s not everyday you get to relax and have someone make you look beautiful 🤍

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